Trumark Model S9 slingshot without wrist-brace.
SLINGSHOT SIGHTS Revolve Around Prongs!
Trumark Fiber-Optic Sights Pictures
Fiber Optics Larger Size


Trumark ® Slingshots are the first and only slingshots that combine patented FIBER-OPTIC SIGHTS with patented ROTATING PRONGS! • The left picture shows the front of the slingshot’s prongs where the unique fiber-optic sensors capture LIGHT RAYS as the powerbands are pulled back for aiming. When seen from the shooter’s side (right picture) the red & green dots GLOW for sharper aiming and shooting accuracy! When the slingshot is shot, the sights rotate and automatically spin 90 degrees forward so that they are not struck by the powerbands as they pass through the fork. Works for left or right handed shooters.
TRUMARK® Slingshots
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