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TRUMARK’S Bulk STEEL AMMO has been carefully selected for it’s special size; it’s not too small and its not too large. Bulk steel ball ammunition that is 1/4" in size is too light and will "tear up" wrist-braced slingshot bands that need more weight in the pouch to keep the pouch from snapping too hard.
rk does not reccomend 1/4" steel ammo for wrist braced slingshots). Steel ammunition larger than 3/8" is too heavy, and can be unsafe if used improperly. Trumark’s bulk ammunition ammo is an excellent balance between light and heavy, and it is the ideal size for shooting in all slingshots. 225 Yd. Range when shot with Trumark wrist-braced slingshots.
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$4.15 Per Pound
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SA30 Ammo
5/16" Steel, 208 / lb. (Bulk Packed)
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$4.15 Per Pound
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SA375 Ammo
Steel,128 per lb. / Bulk Packed
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Slingshot Ammo by Trumark
$4.95 Per Pound
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SA50 Ammo
1/2" White Marbles, 168 per lb. (Bulk Packed)
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Minimum Order 4 lbs...$19.80
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Trumark Model S9 slingshot without wrist-brace.
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