Gary Flatband Miller Slingshot Glossary
This table of terms was compiled
Courtesy of Gary Miller
Gary's slingshot making skills, knowlege, and zeroing in on the BULL'S EYE are well known!
A load
shooting more then one pellet in a pouch.
African Wrap
a method of attaching rubber to the posts where the rubber is run down the front of the posts to the base of the prongs.Then leather strips or strong cord is wrapped all the way around and up until it reaches the tops of the posts. A very secure way but a long sling is needed.
Anchor point
the spot usually around the cheek or corner of the mouth where the pouch lands when it's pulled back.
Board cut
a slingshot cut from a board.
Catch box
a cardboard box or other material with an opening in the front and rags or old t-shirts, towels hanging behind the opening to catch ammo shot at a hanging target in the front of the box.
Center punched
a hole right in the middle of the pouch for ammo placement.
Chinese Handcuff
a method for putting tubes on round, metal, fork prongs where the tips are moistened, and the tubes are slipped on. When dry, the action of pulling back the sling's powerbands tightens the tube-prong connection so they won't come off.
a device that's used to measure speed. (usually in Feet per second)
Chrony: F.P.S.
a velocity designation: Feet Per-Second.
quadrangular-square rubber used as powerbands.
Cupped pouch - dimpled pouch
a pouch that has a cup in the center for ammo placement.
the distance bands are pulled back to the anchor point.
Dry shot
shooting a pouch empty - DO NOT DO!!!
a board cut slingshot shaped to fit the hand.
an enhanced sight marker apparatus for slingshots, bows, and other projectile launching devices includes a support block with a trough for mounting and retaining an elongated, fluorescent optical fiber.
Finger braced
a gripping method where you brace the index finger and the thumb up against the forks for more support.
Flats, flat bands, straps
flat cut rubber.
a wild shot; can be dangerous especially if it ricochets.
Flippers Draw-Albatross style
a drawing style popular in the Czech Republic. It’s also used by old timers down in the U.S.A. South The pouch is drawn up from the waist and at the same time the the frame holding hand is pushed out as far as possible, the pouch is drawn back well behind the head. Aim is by feel and a lot of practice. A very difficult style but great speeds are possible because of the extra long draw.
the body of the slingshot.
the thickness of flat rubber / the thickness of tube walls.
Group or grouping
a specified number of shots at a specific distance. (shots are measured to see how close they are grouped)
Hole in Tube-Hole in Strap
for the pouch connection on a tube assembly a small hole is made close to the end of the tube. The tube is then feed through the pouch hole and into the tube hole making the attachment. Probably the most popular method of tube to pouch connection. Also was done in the past on flat strap assemblies (not as good on flats).
a condition that happens with rubber when it's stretched and held for too long.The sling loses velocity.
Knuckle Knock
sometimes the pouch on an over the top set-up comes back and slaps you in the knuckles.
Missed by that much
an exclamation used by all sling shooters!
Over the top
a band set-up that allows the bands to fly over the top of the forks.
Palm Knob-Heel Knob
a swell at the bottom of the handle of some slingshots.Aids in gripping and in security.
Pistol grip
a grip where you don't brace the fingers up against the forks
Pouch slap-band slap
the assembly slaps or hits the post when going through the throat.It also rubs a little on an over the top set-up but not as much.
stretching the rubber before tieing on to a pouch or a post. Reduces pouch curl on a pouch connection and makes a more secure attachment at the posts for a non Chinese attachment.
Prongs, forks, branches
the two structures that form the "V".
Recoil Arm-Pad
thick, soft, sponge rubber tube or similar padding attached to the back of the brace on a wrist-braced slingshot. Used to help protect the top of the shooters fore arm, or wrist, under the brace.
Ricochet a shot or hit that rebounds one or more times off a surface. • the action or movement of a bullet, shell, or other projectile when rebounding in such a way. : from French, of unknown origin.
Rotating Prongs
a movable or rotating attachment at the posts, especially helpful with tubes. Helps them last longer and gives more speed.
Slotted attachment: Double
2 thin cuts are made in the top of the post. Rubber is stretched to fit into the slot nearest the throat first,then stretched around to fit in the outer slot. Then pulled tight to seat up against the fork.A popular method used on older wooden slingshots (Wham-O, Lohman, Bullseye, Etc.)
Snap Shooting
a super fast draw and release popular with hunters(for obvious reasons) and also shooting for high speeds over a Chrony.
Spanish-Spain Attachment
a method of attaching rubbers to the forks where by holes are drilled down into the posts,then small leather strips or strong nylon cords (both ends) are pressed down into the hole forming a small loop.Toothpicks or other wedging material is forced into the hole with the addition of a strong wood glue.The rubbers are attached to the loop when the glue is dry. Make sure the loop is securely anchored before shooting.
Speed Shooting
loading and shooting as fast as you can put ammo on target.Term Also used for shooting for high speeds over a Chrony.
slang term for any wrist-braced or extended fork slingshot.
Straight set
a straight cut sling assembly.
Throat, crotch, yoke
the opening between the "V".
Through the throat
a band set-up that allows the bands to go through the "V' opening or throat.
Traditional fork
any slingshot without a brace.
Tree Fork
a slingshot made from a "V" formed tree branch.
tubular rubber, usually latex.
Tubes: Tapered bands
rubber cut with a wide end for the post, and a narrow end for the pouch. Gives more speed then a straight cut.
Ventilated pouch
a series of holes (5-10) punched in a pouch to reduce air drag and lessen weight.
the ends of a flat strap assembly that come through the pouch hole after tieing. Also same thing with a tube set tied in this fashion.