Trumark Model S9 slingshot without wrist-brace.
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Trumark slingshots / catapults are made in the USA for Hunting and Target shooting
Trumark RR-2 Heavy_pull slingshot bands
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Heavy Pull - 5 / 64"wall thickness x 8.6" L
In 1953 Trumark® was the first to use high-quality, surgical latex tubing on slingshot frames made from round, aluminum rods. The tubing is attached to the leather pouch with light weight, hollow, pin-connectors.

For maximum power, striations in latex tubing should run parallel === to the length of the tubing. (NOTE: Most imported slingshot tubing is extruded.) Extruded rubber has striations which occur as "rings", IIIIIIII, that are perpendicular to the length of the tubing. The rings wrap around the tubing like "cherios" stuck together on a string. This extruded production method decreases the "snap" of the band, and reduces it's power. See Pictures for details on dipped as compared to extruded bands.

Trumark's RR-2 powerban
ds are made from the best quality, pure latex-rubber. A 0.4% carbon black jacket is added to the surface of the rubber for the ultimate protection against damaging Ulraviolet light rays. (Adding black carbon is a method proven to prevent premature aging of rubber used in the tire industry for over 100 years!) Trumark bands may also be conditioned even more against contaminating elements with 303 Aerospace Protectant. Conditioned bands have increased lifespan, and last many more shooting sessions with a minimum loss of shooting power.

With a little drug-store rubbing alcohol, the new bands can be installed on slingshots with round prongs, without tools, strings, or glue. The RR-2 bands pull harder than the RR-1 normal pull, and are recommended more for hunting than general target practice. The advantage of the heavier pull bands is there is more impact when the ammo strikes the target. Also, since the wall thickness is 1/64" thicker, the bands will last longer than normal pull. The disadvantage of the heavy pull is that it tends to wear out your arm a little faster!

The left and right bands are cut from one length of tubing so the wall thickness is "matched" (balanced) for accurate shooting. CAUTION: (Powerbands that are folded and packaged curled will take on a "set", and will not shoot accurately when installed.) Trumark's pure, surgical-latex powerbands are packaged straight in sealed, air-tight, blisters that prevents deterioration. See powerband life. If left sealed in the package, the bands will last for long periods of time. Instructions are included on package. 225 Yard + Range!

PARENTAL NOTE: These bands are not recomended for slingshot shooters younger than 12 years old.

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