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Brief history of old Catapults
The earliest type of catapult, an arrow catapult, could shoot a large number of arrows at once. The moving arm of the catapult was attached to a thick rope. To pull back the arm, someone would twist a screw-like device that the rope was attached to. The arm would hit several arrows lined up and shoot them a great distance.

Ballistas and Trebuchets
came later. The Ballista was propelled by creating a torsion by wrapping thick ropes around the stationary axle stick and the moving arm of the catapult. This device was used to shoot large, weighty rocks at a castle. The Ballista, however, had little accuracy.
The Trebuchet used heavy weights and a sling to propel objects. The ammunition was loaded into the sling, which was attached to the arm of the catapult. The arm was connected to a stationary rod, allowing it to swing freely. The weight was attached to the side of the arm opposite to the sling. These catapults were used in siege warfare to take over castles.
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Trumark Wrist-Braced Katapults have been
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1953 in the U.S.A